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HoodWire Rackpack


Paket 6 vponk HoodWire. Vponke, ki so za lažjo identifikacijo barvno usklajene z Black Diamond Camalot metulji.
222 g


With six hot-forged HoodWire carabiners color-coded to match your Camalots, C3's or X4's, the Black Diamond HoodWire Rackpack makes it easy to find the right piece when you have a big rack and the pump clock is ticking. By employing an innovative stainless steel wire hood, our HoodWire Technology gives these biners the snag-free benefits of a keylock with the weight savings of a wiregate.

  • Hot-forged construction
  • Patent-pending stainless steel wire hood design doesn't snag, eases clipping and cleaning
  • Lightweight and excellent size for all-around use
  • Does not freeze up in alpine conditions
  • Anodized in Camalot, C3 and X4 colors for easy identification
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