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Moški plezalni pas z elastičnimi nožnimi zankami. Popoln pas za plezanje dolgih smeri. Zelo dobro diha.

teža 370 g; obseg pasu 70-81 cm; obseg nog 47-52 cm

teža 390 g; obseg pasu 76-90 cm; obseg nog 52-59 cm
teža 420 g; obseg pasu 85-100 cm; obseg nog 57-64 cm

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Men's climbing harness with elastic leg loops. The SAMA is the perfect harness for cragging and long routes. The elasticized leg loops stay snug to ensure comfort after a fall and when hanging out at the belay, without constricting movement while climbing. Very breathable for those long, hot days. Elasticized leg loops have a large range of expansion for correct fit, while staying in place on the thighs. Rigid, inclined front equipment loops for easy access to gear; flexible rear loops stay out of the way while wearing a pack. Trail line loop. Two CARITOOL slots. Detachable elastic leg loop straps.
  • Frame Construction with breathable monofilament mesh evenly distributes pressure, providing maximum support and comfort
  • Woven polyester mesh on the inside of the harness wicks moisture for improved comfort and speeds drying in wet conditions
  • Perforated closed cell foam on the waistbelt and leg loops increases breathability
  • DoubleBack buckle is pre-threaded and adjusts quickly with a single pull, helping to ensure proper closure
  • Green belay loop helps users identify proper tie-in / attachment point. Reinforced tie-in points for increased durability in this high-wear area


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