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Plezalni pas Focus

Redna cena: €69,90

Special Price €52,43

Tehničen pas izdelan z Dual Core XP konstrukcijo. Ojačani predeli, odporni proti abraziji, povečajo odpornost na drgnjenje ob skale. 4 zanke za opremo. Prilagodljiva širina v pasu, fiksne elastične nožne zanke.
Povprečna teža: 340 g

obseg pasu 69-76 cm; obseg nog 48-53 cm

obseg pasu 76-84 cm; obseg nog 53-58 cm
obseg pasu 84-91 cm; obseg nog 58-63 cm

* Obvezna polja

Redna cena: €69,90

Special Price €52,43


Built for hard duty on multi-pitch routes and all-day cragging sessions, the 3-season Black Diamond Focus Harness features our Dual Core XP Construction for the optimal balance of comfort, support and light weight. The Dual Core waistbelt uses two thin bands of webbing and a venting foam insert to distribute the load and keep you comfortable, while the leg loops are constructed from a single strand of high-tensile nylon for added support and comfort at hanging belays. Pressure-molded gear loops hold enough cams and draws for rope-stretching pitches, and our Bombshell abrasion patches add unbelievable durability against wide cracks and gritty rock.

  • Pre-threaded Forged Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle
  • Bullhorn-shaped waistbelt and leg loops built using Dual Core XP Construction
  • Adjustable, releasable elastic risers
  • Bombshell abrasion patches are 20 times more durable than standard nylon fabric
  • 4 pressure-molded gear loops
  • 12 kN-rated haul loop
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