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Dekliški čevlji Greenland Zip

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Za udobno toploto na smučiščih kot na zaledenelih mestnih površinah. Membrana HydroSeal™ poskrbi za nepremočljivost, medtem ko 400g izolacije Heatseeker Optimal Technology™ nudi toploto.

Udobje do temperature: - 32 °C

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Redna cena: €60,00

Special Price €35,00


For cosy warmth without bulk, the Girls’ Greenland Zip is a stylish boot for young people out and about on icy city streets or snowy ski resorts. A HydroSeal™ laminate seals out the rain or snow while remaining breathable, while inside 400g of Heatseeker Optimal Technology™ delivers snug insulation that keeps feet warm in temperatures all the way down to -40ºF, enhanced by a faux fur collar around the mid-calf top. The outsole features TNF® Winter Grip™, a soft rubber compound designed to provide the best possible protection in the wettest and slickest of winter conditions. A side-locking medial zipper avoids the need for complicated, messy laces, making these an easy put-on for snowy, slushy or icy conditions.

  • BOTTOM: TPR shell bottom with durable rubber outsole
  • UPPER: 400 grams Heatshield Optimal Technology insulation
  • UPPER: Faux fur collar
  • UPPER: HydroSeal waterproof membrane
  • UPPER: Medial side-locking zipper for easy step-in and step-out
  • UPPER: Non-hydrolytic synthetic nubuck upper
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